ALL SET, Right?

Today I’m offering another selection from the archives. Whether traditionally or independently released, you’ll want to craft a highly effective writer bio! You’ve finished your novel–that was the easy part! Now you’ve gotten over your anxieties and written the query letter. In addition, you fought the idea of condensing your “baby” to five pages, but finally did and had written a synopsis.

Good to go, right? In some cases yes, but not when the agent/publisher requests an author biography! Writing your bio isn’t as challenging as it is challenging for those folks who lead the average, run of the mill lives. Some people have observed interesting and exciting lives as army brats, or pursued glamorous professions such as corporate and business rules or international business.

Even some not so glamorous professions can be rather interesting, such as truck traveling or jail warning. But if we’re not lawyers like John Grisham, or doctors like Robin Cook, how do we make our lives (as housewives, sales clerks, accountants, insurance salesmen, etc.) sound just a little more–robust? First of all, you’re not necessary to write a reserve!

Usually only a paragraph is expected. You can take any significant experience in your daily life that has designed you as an article writer and put it in your bio. Include your education if relevant to your writing history or your subject material. If you were an English major or have an MFA, great! If you are a nuclear physicist, who’s written a thriller about a nuclear physical catastrophe, by all means, declare that.

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Even if you don’t come with an MFA or didn’t go to university, you can take the life you’ve lived and work with it. However, don’t “toot your own horn.” Author bios are written in third person. Your mom may think you’re the best writer alive but leave that to the agent/publisher to choose. An earlier published article (even though you weren’t paid) and where it appeared can be stated in your bio. Working in a job that used (or uses) your writing skill is also relevant info (such as news script writing for an area news place).

If you’re an indigenous of a notorious town (Las Vegas), a popular tourist destination (San Francisco), or a historic city (Cincinnati), that fact can be utilized in crafting your bio. Perhaps your hometown’s criminal offense history, famous prison, or relationship with the Underground Railroad tapped into the creative juices as you wove your tale about the Mafia, Alcatraz, or an escaped slave. As a devoted reader, you can mention the writers who’ve influenced your work, such as Thomas Fleming and Eugenia Price for historical, or John Scott and Grisham Turow for legal thrillers.