Customer Centric Website

Internet technologies have grown to be a means of life increasing commerce. Businesses globally have understood the need for having a website. Websites play an important role in marketing a company and its products. Todays market is customer centric, so that it is vital to have a a website that is customer friendly in all respects.

The Donts for a visitor-friendly website 1. Slow downloads 2. Confusing web site 3. Irrelevant matter. These factors will drive the guests away. In today’s world of jet-speed visitors don’t have the patience to hold back for the website to download at its own sweet time. They don’t have time to figure out complicated navigation nor proceed through matter that is useless to them.

First impression is the last impression. The Dos for a visitor-friendly website § Plan the site with the customer in mind. Imagine how your visitors (existing and leads) use your site. Consider their reasons for visiting and their needs. Something that looks logical to you might not appear so to a first-time visitor.

§ Have clear goals: What is the aim of your internet site? What services or products you intend to provide? Who’s your target audience? The answers to these questions will paint a pretty clear picture of how you want your website to be built. § Design: Keep the designs simple and easy to download.

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Do not upload heavy images that could take a lot of time to download. The look that you select for your site should be satisfying to the optical attention as well as attractive. Layouts, the use of colors, graphics speaks volumes of the type of company you are. Maintain a persistence in your designs. If you have a brand logo for your site then utilize it on your site. Blend it with the designs on your site. Consumers today are brand conscious.

Integrating your brand on your website will definitely assist you in boosting your site traffic. § Easy Navigation Usually do not confuse the visitor. Make certain the navigation is easily understood by them. The links should be self-explanatory. The navigation should be designed in such a manner a first-comer can use it easily. The navigational links should be examined and regularly updated completely.

§ Page size: Page sizes should be directly proportional to the download speed. Maintain the web page size for the download to be faster. § Content: Content provides everything to your internet site visitor. This content should be relevant to the purpose of your site. Your articles should answer the questions asked by the guests. Good content increase your web page rank.