Potatoes And Human Health, Part II

I find your conversation on fructose interesting. After reading your remarks on Whole Health Source, I went and read everything I could find about fructose malabsorption. Per month of testing I could verify that I was misdiagnosed with intestinal colon syndrome with constipation After. Instead, I have fructose malabsorption. I’d like to think that because I’ve fructose malabsorption that I’ll be healthier, but I believe there is a great deal of research to be achieved on the topic still.

One of the problems is that even in the fructose malabsorption world people are affected in a different way. For instance: many people have more issues with eating fructans (wheat, onion) whilst some have more trouble when they have too much fructose in their diet. Some individuals can have problems eating many potatoes or too much desk sugars too. Therefore, telling visitors to cut out too much fructose is incomplete or to worry about fructans is incomplete. Low carbohydrate was excellent for weight loss, but bad on my bloodstream sugars (higher than normal) and horrible on my digestive function. I was eating things such as cabbage, onions, leeks, peppers, kale, and romaine lettuce that I can’t digest.

I’m very miffed that I’m completely regular on a diet of meats and potatoes or worse, an eating plan of special tarts (artificial glucose chocolate). I am worried that increasing numbers of people are going to suffer from fructose malabsorption. For many people it might be genetic, for others maybe it’s environmental reasons. I believe fake sugar, low-fat, mega-dosages of onion, natural powder, and an over large quantity of fresh fruit, are making fructose malabsorption more prevalent.

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I remember when most people I knew who got diabetes were children with type 1. Now, more and more people older than 65 have type 2 diabetes. But, many thanks J.A. Deep for directing out that some individuals can have their digestive issues cured through the elimination of a lot of “healthy foods”.

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