What’s AN EXCELLENT Monologue For My Audition?

I’m auditioning for “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. What’s a good monologue for my audition? I’ve been waiting for this audition for a few months, since I heard that our school was achieving this play ever! I’ve my song down, but I just need a good monologue. I’ve heard that Nellie from “South Pacific” is an excellent character to portray or get monologues from, but I had been wondering if anybody has some other suggestions.

I really be thankful! Nellie from South Pacific is a for sure champion! When South Pacific played in Melbourne Paige Ohara played her, have you any idea who she is? The original voice celebrity of Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! Nothing from Little Women! Belle is upbeat not mundane! Try one of Jo’s monologues from “Little Women”. It’s been said “there’s lots of Katharine Hepburn in Belle.”, who played Jo in the film way back then.

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If you try out for Babette, I would recommend looking at implies that Bernadette Peters has performed in and finding a monologue in one of these. You could put Carlotta’s lines collectively from “Phantom of the Opera” for Madame de la Grande Bouche. If you are an aspiring Mrs. Potts, I highly suggest a monologue/lines by Mother Abbess in “The Sound of Music” or Nettie’s monologue/lines in “Carousel”. They’ll work out great!

TS: This play was the perfect piece to co-direct. There are so many ways to interpret the text and it was great to have another person there to do so. This is the type of show where you get something different from it every time you read/see it so that it was wonderful to see what stood out to Lauren. It sensed like when one folks wasn’t certain of some of the text, the other was. It had been also great to have another person to help build this abstract, non-dimensional world with!

Who do you consider the best audience is perfect for a play like Subjective is…? LK: I think if you are going to Rhinofest, you are signing up to experience something different, and this play will not disappoint. I must say i believe anyone will get something to which they can associate in this play – from feeling lost in new environment, to re-examining how you present yourself in the global world.

I think anyone can point to a time they felt out of place and acquired to determine the “new guidelines,” which play can certainly add to that perspective. Picture this Post looks forward to touching base with both of these up and coming Chicago directors going forward. In the near future you can find Taryn with her professional hat on-play a part in Old World’s cabaret called As Time Goes By this April where she will also be executing with her hubby. Most Picture this Post theater reviews are written by stars, directors and playwrights- or wannabes in these categories. To learn more about the lead theater reviewers for Picture this Post, visit the Picture this Post masthead.

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