SAMANTHA BRICK Discovers How Families Have Transformed Their Bungalows

From the exterior they’re like any other unflashy single-storey home. Asset manager Irina Rickerby, 37, is married to Tom, 34, a product trader. They have two daughters, Ruby, four, and Vivienne, two, and live in Longniddry, Scotland. It couldn’t have been further from our fantasy home. The previous owners hadn’t upgraded it given that they moved in back in 1969 – it got peach carpets and rugs and pine ceilings. A long way off from our swish city pad in the center of Edinburgh.

I believe many prospective customers hadn’t been able to see at night design horrors. But, we could – and we had a need to fortunately, as then back, in 2013, we wanted to begin a family. Is Carrie Symonds descended from Downing Street? It’s a very particular style – a four-bedroom pavilion style Sixties bungalow. Its mid-century design needs a certain interior ‘look’ to be convincing – less pastel wallpaper, more Mad Men style.

Most guests compare our home to a Don Draper-style-pad when they walk in. We paid £430,000 and it’s now well worth about £650,000. Than feeling oppressed by living using one level Rather, we feel liberated. We haven’t had to baby-proof something, as there is no need to worry about stairs. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, which were here when we shifted in, I could always see the ladies when they’re playing outdoors.

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It’s ideal for entertaining, too. Part-time teacher Vicky Jones, 38, is wedded to Nick, 48, who possesses Tandoor-i, a Tandoor oven business. They live in Ormskirk, Lancashire, using their two children, Mia, 10, and Sebastian, four. In the event that you had told my younger personal, I would finish up owning a bungalow – mind three never!

– I’d have laughed at you. But the last three homes we have purchased have ALL been bungalows. We’ve just fallen in love with them. Than being dowdy or old-fashioned Rather, they offer family members the best, airy space you need for stylish open-plan living. More and more people today will offer you over the odds to buy a trendy Victorian home.

It’s beyond me why more don’t opt for bungalows. Ours might not look like the ultimate modern space from the kerb, but a look inside shows that, from the floor-to-ceiling glass doors to the elegantly minimalist kitchen, bungalows aren’t just for old-fashioned people. Nick and Vicky Jones have changed their traditional bungalow in Lancashire. We bought one in 2003 in Lydiate, Merseyside, and loved it, so whenever we moved to Newmarket, Suffolk, in 2006, there is only one style of home for us.