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I posted my collective Makeup Show haul and wanted to start publishing the things I purchased. If any you have been reading this blog you know that I looooove Hakuhodo! I didn’t have lots of time to shop there my first day because I was taking classes all day. I had about one hour after my course to stop by the booth and do some harm, and damage I did so! Update: Hakuhodo will be offering the J series brushes online. These are slated release a somewhere between 80-90 brushes! They must be available for purchase by the end of July or the start of August. To prepare yourself pre-release, check out more of the J series brushes here.

And remember, you must break a sweat for the poisons in your body to be released. Just think of having that properly glowing skin and sexy stronger, toned body. 4. Sun Protection That means forget about tanning salons! There are so many excellent self-tanning creams and creams available that are safe and convenient. Simply avoiding the suns dangerous rays and UV radiations will keep your skin in great shape and condition. Did you know sun exposure is the number one factor that can harm your skin? All those young bronzed beauties will live their life with premature wrinkles and lines.

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If you are an outdoorsy type at least use a good sunlight screen cream or sun block to protect your skin from the damaging rays. And why don’t we not forget about the worst scenario – having pores and skin cancer. 5. Social Habits If every higher fees on social behaviors don’t cause you to stop then take action for your skin.

What am I discussing? Drinking and Smoking beyond a normal daily intake level. The quickest way to damage your skin is to smoke. Tobacco includes dangerous chemicals that not only makes your skin layer age faster but saturates your body with toxins. Excessive alcohol consumptions is equally harmful to your skin layer health..

Your liver can only just deal with so many toxins and the greater you smoke and drink too much it becomes broken. When it is no longer capable of flushing your system of toxins due to this overload your skin begins to stop glowing and assumes a sickly color and feel. 6. ANTI-AGING Supplements How easy is this!

And, there are so many to choose from that it is a snap to find the one anti-aging product that works on your skin. You want to look for products which contain elements and antioxidants such as retinol, Vitamin C, A, and ceramides. 7. Eliminate Stress How come the last one always the one that doesn’t appear easy in any way? Is it very difficult to keep an optimistic outlook in life. Life is sometimes difficult, yes. But if you retain your system in a continuous condition of stress, it releases chemicals that can cause you to physically or emotionally sick.

So, live a relaxed and stress free life. Try getting enough sleep to achieve this constant state of quiet. Insomnia is bad for the body and skin. And here is a super secret – insomnia not only affects your skin however your hair as well! There they may be – all 7 of the best of easy and simple non anti aging makeup tips you could start pursuing right now. If you wish to find more easy anti-aging supplements, treatments and products go to my blog at Anti-Aging-Blogs dot com.

It naturally follows that is also a Major Business Opportunity for those of you who can understand it. This is not another deal just. THAT IS THEE DEAL and a genuine blessing for everyone. Join us today and go through the amazement on the encounters and the thankfulness in the hearts of most people that have whom you talk about this incredible gift.

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The Ordinary Serum Foundation (1.0P) – Love these things! Perfect light-medium coverage, natural looking, and rests well on my mixture skin. Price is great, too! Nivea Sun UV Face Sunscreen – I take advantage of this as both an SPF and a makeup primer. It works great at keeping makeup set up (especially TO foundation), and isn’t too oily – more tacky than anything!