Here’s Some Pics Of My Set

No, I’m not talking about the Rock’s go back to wrestling (you’ll only get that if your partner annoyingly watches it!); I’m discussing my UD 15-year anniversary place finally arriving on Saturday. Before I show you pictures of it, I’d just like to rant about the crappy service I got because of this particular order. February I ordered the established on 1st, waiting eagerly for this to arrive every day.

But after weeks of it not arriving (but cooking trays which I had ordered AFTER it arriving), I phoned to enquire about the whereabouts of it. I used to be told that it will arrive by Friday 11th, but that if it hadn’t come by Wednesday 16th, I should call. On phoning this second time, I was informed that it’ll be looked into and someone will call within three days, Monday 21st at the latest that meant.

I expressed how desperately I had been looking forward to this order and exactly how horrible it is to have to hold back this long. They apologized and said the quickest way it can be dealt with is within 3 days, but the sets were in stock, therefore I could order a different one (which I did, just in case). Luckily I received a voicemail the very next day (Thursday 17th), saying that the order was “lost in transit” and that I’d be refunded.

Anyway, my second order arrived fast (well it got better!!), on Sunday therefore I finally got my practical it it emerged. And I must say I’m deeply in love with it, just like I knew I’d be. Here’s some pictures of my collection, although for even better pictures, check Temptalia’s web page here. Personally, as a huge UD fan, I love all their products, including that one.

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I do however find that a handful of their newer tones (Asphyxia, Binge, Ransom from this set), don’t possess the same pigmentation as the other tones, and have a tendency to come out lighter. My swatches above are swirled a couple times for these tones in particular, to get the full color impact, but Asphyxia was so gentle in color that it smashed on the pencil nib mid-swatch! I do however LOVE Perversion and have shown anyone I can the difference between Zero & Perversion. It’s darkness is so mesmerizing I absolutely think it’s great and can easily see myself using it in makeup appears which has shimmery eyeshadows as Zero doesn’t usually cut it on its own.

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