Proxy Rack VPN Review: Free, Fast, Secure VPN Network

Proxy Rack VPN is a free VPN brought to you by the team behind the Proxy Rack proxy network. Like all VPN it promises to help you watch the online content such as Netflix, increase your web security and gain access to websites clogged in your country. Unlike a lot of VPNs however, Proxy Rack VPN is available free to download and use.

Luckily for anyone choosing to use Proxy Rack, as well as being free it offers an incredibly user-friendly interface as well as a host of premium features. Downloading the program took me under one minute, although I had developed to first register on the website. The installation then went without a hitch and I simply signed in using my email and recently made password. The whole process from hitting download to logging in only required a short while actually.

Connecting to a VPN itself was also incredibly simple. I was offered either 19-cable connections in 12 countries for connecting to. This includes six connections in America and even a dedicated option simply for watching the united states version of Netflix. A fascinating feature for those people who don’t need to connect to a particular country, is that there is the option for connecting to the quickest available server also. After choosing to connect to the united kingdom I turned on the VPN which connected without a problem in around five seconds. After directing my internet browser to the BBC I had been directed straight to the united kingdom version of the web site without any recognizable slowdown in quickness.

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I went to iPlayer, clicked on the Euro 2016 features show and as expected there was absolutely no nagging problem watching the program. Following this, Another test was done by me, this right time of 1 of the cable connections in the US. Once again it linked without a problem and within occasions I was on the Netflix US website. In fact, all of the connections I tried worked quickly and without a problem.

Customer support is performed through a helpdesk on the site. If you have any problems, it is easy to click on the option on the VPN software which brings you straight to the appropriate portion of the website. Additionally it is possible to connect to the people at Proxy Rack if you have any questions before signing up through a pop-up on the website. This loads automatically when you are their homepage and would be a great option for anyone with questions about their products.

Now we come to 1 of Proxy Racks best points, at the moment it is completely free! While registering I kept expecting to find out it was some type of trial offer but as of yet, I’ve paid nothing. Since it is a fairly new product they’ll put in a paid option after the word has gone out perhaps, but at the moment it is completely free.