Vasanti Face Base To The Rescue

Like most South Asian women, I’m constantly on the lookout for that “perfect basis” that will match not only the yellow in my epidermis, however the olive undertones in it also. I started using Vasanti’s Face Base about six years ago after reading about them in a magazine. I’ve gotta say, every right time I use their foundation, everyone always asks me what I’m using because it’s such a perfect match to my epidermis (I take advantage of the tone V3).

And the best benefit is, unlike MAC Studio Fix and other natural powder foundations out there, Vasanti’s Face Base includes NO titanium dioxide. That is right girlfriend, no more Kabuki dancer pictures for you. With no titanium dioxide, that person will appear as natural and dewy in photographs as it looks in the reflection. As I write this, I can’t believe it’s been six years already and I’ve stuck to the same foundation. I’ve never done that before. I’ve tried other brands in between, but I always seem another to this one because it’s so fail-proof. 1. You can determine whether you want heavy coverage or light coverage by just changing the technique of program.

I usually like light coverage, and for that a powder can be used by me brush by Bobbi Brown, it’s perfect for applying powder foundation like this. For further opaque coverage, use the sponge that is included with the compact and lightly pat it onto your face like face powder. Now here’s something you should know: after you apply it, it generally does not stay matte, (that I like), it begins to melt into your skin to look more like your natural epidermis. This is a good thing for me personally, because matte foundations tend to dry my epidermis out.

2. Even though it’s a natural powder base, it suits all epidermis types: dry, mixture, and oily. The foundation is both moisturizing and oil-free at the same time and undoubtedly non-comedogenic. 3. If you are ordering the building blocks online, Vasanti helps it is easy that you should find the appropriate shade by placing a picture of the model that tone is suitable for right next to the corresponding compact. For instance, if you’re uncertain whether you’re a V3 or a V4, just have a look at the pictures and find out which model’s skin tone looks the most like yours and match appropriately.

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  • Chronic skin irritation or skin ulcers
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  • Ability to regulate excess essential oil for 10 hours after use
  • Leave it on for quarter-hour and then wash it off with chilly water
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  • Avoid strong sunshine and use sun cream
  • It Worked for Me

And if you make a blunder and order the wrong shade, no problem, Vasanti’s reps make earnings and exchanges by email a breeze. Also, here is a tip I discovered if you’re stuck deciding between two tones: choose the lighter shade. Like most foundations, the facial skin Base tends to get just a little darker as you use it. 1. Honestly, my biggest complaint with Vasanti in general is how hard it is to find. I understand they’ve started rolling the collection out at some Ulta chains across the U.S., but I’m not lucky enough to live near any of those cities. I hope they come for an Ulta near me soon, because this really is a wonderful makeup line for desi women.

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