Cleansing Oil (Biore)

I have been using this makeup remover for nearly 3 years. Nowadays I just love to test new makeup remover. It fun to see what work rather than haha kinda. • Specially-formulated to provide optimum cleansing performance on both dry and wet skin. • Effectively dissolves and removes long lasting makeup, waterproof mascara even. • Protective nozzle cap for easy travelling and no cotton pad required.

• Does not clog pores, and minor and gentle on pores and skin. I super hate needing to use cotton pad to eliminate makeup as I don’t like having oily stuff on my face for too long. So once i discovered this cleansing oil, I’m super happy as it doesn’t need natural cotton pad and can be utilized in the shower.

I don’t remember the purchase price but it is approximately RM2X.XX. Available at Watson, Guardian and local mall. I love the nozzle cover as it not only can avoid for unintentional pumping when travelling it also can avoid unintentional spillage. Below is makeup test. One of the most interesting part! I use lipgloss, super resistance elianto outstanding riche lip colour, concealer, BB Cream, liquid liner, pencil liner, mascara, gel liner.

2nd and 3rd picture I put the oil and spread to all or any makeup. 4th picture I combine with water. It convert milky in touch with water. The final picture is once i rinse my hand. In the last picture, the cleaning oil remove all the essential makeup but it can’t remove the persistent gel liner, mascara and Elianto’s amazing riche lip color. Overall, this cleansing oil remove all the makeup aside the heavy eye and lip makeup. I always use cleansing wipes to remove them. However after using the purifying essential oil I feel greasy and I must cleansing my face soon after always. As a result of this cleansing oil do not require cotton pad it becoming my favourite haha :D.

  1. Store it in its original box, if you don’t have made your own recipe
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They are poisonous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions on contact. Toluene: This chemical can be especially dangerous if inhaled or utilized through your skin. Aspiration can cause chemical substance pneumonitis, a fatal disorder. It is highly flammable in both liquid and vapor form and it could influence the liver organ, kidneys, nervous system, and blood. Overexposure can cause exhaustion, confusion, headaches, dizziness, or numbness. Severe overexposure can cause coma and loss of life. Contact with toulene can affect the correct development of an evergrowing fetus also.

First things first. Where are you problem areas? Mine were my forehead and the skin under my chin that was not as tight as it used to be. I say were, because I’ve found the perfect skin care program for my pores and skin and these problem areas are actually much improved.

Is Your Skin Dry, Greasy or Normal? It’s best to determine your skin type before you embark on your new skin care routine. Mine is dry therefore i have to use a lot of moisturising products quite. Is your skin particularly sensitive. Do you burn easily in sunlight, is it easily irritated? It is critical to treat your skin layer with the utmost care as some products are quite strong as well as your skin may not be ready to deal with that. I really like micellar water.