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The skin on the face is slimmer than your skin on the rest of the body, with the exception of the chest, so that it deserves a little more treatment and attention as it pertains from what we put on it. Some elements of the face-especially the eyes and lips-are more sensitive and fragile than others since that’s where the skin is at its thinnest. These are the areas that need special care-and special products really!

It is crazy how exactly we read things and believe these to be best for us, as it pertains to beauty products especially. The simple truth is that we have to be more careful about the things that we put on our faces because some things are best for an instant fix but not for the long-term.

Then, of course, there will be the exceptions: what works for one person won’t always work for another. Lately, I have already been lazy, so I’ve been using soap to wash my face. The results are not nice and my face has been drier than usual. As a result, I decided to look into products that shouldn’t be utilized on the face and I was surprised by some of the results. Keep reading for this valuable information if you care about providing the best care for your face. We know that rubbing alcoholic beverages can be an antibacterial disinfectant, and that besides using it to avoid possible attacks, we utilize it to clean the homely house.

When we utilize it on your skin, we feel a tingling feeling, which ultimately shows us that it’s working. However, just as rubbing alcoholic beverages is not suggested for hair-because it dries out the hair-so it shouldn’t be utilized on the skin. It’s one of the very most-drying and harmful products you can put on your face as it dissolves the DNA of both bacteria and human epidermis cells, resulting in dryness and accumulation of lifeless skin cells.

So, if you get a cleanser or toner for your face, remember to check that it doesn’t contain isopropyl alcohol. If it can, it will strip your skin and cause an excess of oil creation and blocked pores. We realize that eating too much sugar is bad for the skin we have and general health, yet many homemade facial scrubs include glucose. Yes, it can work its magic to exfoliate your skin, but remember that your skin on the facial skin is thinner than the rest of the body and therefore requires the utilization of products that are more delicate.

The consistency of sugar grains is too tough for the fragile epidermis on your face, and their sharp edges can damage and prematurely age your skin. If you want, you can still use sugar for the rest of your system or you can use salt instead. I love for my lips Vaseline-especially! I’m sure you know that it is helpful for sealing moisture in dry and fragile skin and protecting cuts, bug bites and other wounds from the environment.

However, it isn’t a long-term fix or sufficient moisturizer. Of course, your skin later on seems gentle, however the jelly doesn’t only seal in moisture; it also seals in dirt and debris, which can cause dryness as time passes because it helps to keep additional air and moisture out. Quite simply, it doesn’t moisturize; it keeps what’s already in your skin layer, like the bad things-and that’s something we don’t want.

  1. Using a large brush, apply bronzing powder on your forehead, nasal area, and cheeks
  2. Anti-Aging Collagen Creams-
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  4. Honey Deep Moisturizing Jelly Mask – Nourish dry epidermis and keep epidermis hydrated
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  6. Curl your lashes

If you are like my mom who likes to take hot baths, think twice before using warm water on that person then. I understand that warm water feels great-especially in the cold of winter-but it will destroy the natural moisture in your skin. Hot water softens the natural oils of the epidermis and damages the barrier that prevents wetness from escaping your skin.

This will lead to dryness and imbalance. When you have oily breakouts or pores and skin, using warm water is Wii idea. A dry face will put your oil production into overdrive. In all honesty, I didn’t find out about this before my research, but then I love cold and room temperature water. It is strongly recommended to use lukewarm water than hot rather, and to keep carefully the scalding showers to the very least in the winter because your skin tends to be drier and itchier at the moment of the year.