5 Surprising Causes Of Anxiety Disorder

An anxiety disorder is one of the most typical mental health conditions in the U.S. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), panic has affected around 40 American million adults in this band of 18 and above. Though environmental factors, stress and genetics are a few of the well-known factors that cause anxiety disorder, there are other factors that often go undetected but cause or aggravate panic in a person usually.

A majority of individuals can get stressed in a number of situations of life such as stress at the job, financial troubles, etc. However, most are able to overcome such emotions once the problem ceases to exist. The complication arises when such anxiety persists for a long time and affects the person physically and emotionally, disrupting the lifestyle. Then it becomes an anxiety disorder. Improper functioning of thyroid: If the thyroid gland, which is an endocrine gland in the neck, will not function properly, it can trigger anxiety in a person. The thyroid hormones are essential for regulating the metabolism and energy in the physical body.

  1. Heart Rate Monitor – strapless
  2. Bleeding disorders (12)
  3. Doing some activity every day
  4. 3 – Weight lifting is dangerous work

However, if these human hormones are generated excessively, they can bring about nervousness and panic. Weight loss supplements:Many weight loss supplements have things that can cause severe anxiety in a person. While green guarana and tea work ways to lose weight, these contain caffeine, which is one of the major triggers of nervousness. St. John’s wort, a vegetable that can be used for medicinal purposes and assists with losing weight, can cause sleep issues. This, subsequently, is more than likely to trigger this in a person.

The best way to ensure that one’s degree of this will not worsen even after taking weight loss supplements is to avoid the variety that contains ephedra, which in turn causes nervousness and increase the guts rate. Abnormal brain chemistry: An irregular level of neurotransmitters in the brain increases the threat of an anxiety disorder in a person. Compared to others, people that have reduced levels of serotonin – mood-boosting hormones – have increased chances of suffering from an anxiety disorder. Personality: Being a perfectionist at one’s job is good; however, if the individual begins to consider perfectionism in everything he or she does, it might indicate an panic.

It can also develop in times in which a person is unable to complete the task with perfection, is suffering from low self-esteem or is delicate to criticism. Any such personality traits aggravate the individual’s possibility of developing an panic. Decreased hippocampal volume, stress human hormones and drug abuse can cause panic in a person also. Therefore, one should ensure that he or she stays from such triggers to lead a healthy life by curbing anxiety.

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