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Once you have a good font editing and enhancing program, there are three basic routes to creating a font. Well, get a good pen, a stack of good paper, and start sketching your alphabet. Don’t neglect your choice of pen. Is your font going to be something dense and juicy? Try utilizing a Sharpie. Or will it be calligraphic? Use your calligraphy pen collection.

Will it be slim and delicate? Don’t ignore to draw all the characters a good font needs! That means punctuation, tildes, accents, brackets and parentheses, and numerals. You’ll also want to add obscure characters like the thorn and eth. Create a new font in your font editor before you put pen to paper, and look at the typical glyph table it presents you with.

There will be characters there you’ve never heard about, but there are typesetters out there who’ll be looking to see those individuals in your font! Scan your beautiful work into Photoshop, and then turn your image into a bitmap (black and white-no shades of gray). Almost there. Open your bitmap image in FontLab’s ScanFont. This nifty little program (which comes bundled as part of the Mac version of FontLab Studio-lucky Mac users!) allows you to take bitmap images and convert them into font glyphs.

Font editing programs use outlines, that is essentially vectors like those used in Illustrator. Scanners and programs like Photoshop use bitmaps. Once this is accomplished, you can save your valuable font in ScanFont either, or copy individual glyphs from ScanFont into FontLab Studio. Hey, nobody said this would be easy! And you have all of your graphs in FontLab once, you can begin the long, arduous, fun process of editing your font towards excellence!

You can neglect lots of the above steps by utilizing a Wacom tablet to attract your font glyphs straight into a vector graphics program like Adobe Illustrator. FontLab Studio, for one, helps copying and pasting from Illustrator straight. One cool thing about using Illustrator to draw your alphabet is that you have an array of brushes to choose from, so the style can be transformed by you of your entire alphabet with a couple of mouse clicks. One thing I’ve discovered is that, as good as tablet technology has gotten, there’s really no substitute for pen and paper-an alphabet drawn on the tablet will be different from the same alphabet drawn on paper.