Wow! New BLOGS!

I just wished to let you know about a few new blog posts that I have put out on my other website. P90X 2 soon is arriving! That’s right! Read about it and see the preview here. Can you be fit & fat? This question continues to come up with the US human population achieving all right-time highs of overweight & obese adults.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel young again? Maybe you don’t desire to be 21 again, but you want to feel like it, right? Learn how you can here. If you want success with your nutrition, fitness, or business you have to want it. You will be pointed by me to the right tools, but you need to choose to utilize them.

Expect to see a lot of new, high-performance sneaks, plus snapshots of athletes, hikers, and sportsmen in action around the global world. Time to set an exercise plan and hit the pavement! Let this world-famous yogi take you on her behalf journeys across the global world. With her candid selfies and fun captions, she seems like us just.

That is, until you happen upon a snapshot of the yoga pose like this one, requiring superhuman strength and flexibility. You can’t achieve your fitness goals until you reach your happy place. A prolific Instagrammer, this full-life coach, bestselling author and motivational loudspeaker posts snapshots that stress self-love, gratitude, spirituality, and an alternative approach to health and fitness.

From reposting her fans’ photos to writing her workouts and healthy meal ideas, Cassey Ho goes the extra mile for connecting with her IG group of fans. Not only is the 25-year-old a Pilates guru and successful business owner, she exemplifies her viewpoint of controlling healthy living with an indulgence here and there. Plus, we love when she shows off her silly side, like in the picture above!

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Need some extra-early morning hours motivation? This runblogger will inspire you to get up and at em if you’re scrolling through IG right when you wake. Her snapshots of interval workouts, race bibs, and fit family life confirm that an energetic lifestyle is always achievable – no matter how busy we are. Despite the fact that this Olympic yellow metal medalist skier is sidelined with injury, avoiding her from competing in Sochi, she’s still inspiring 128,000-plus fans on / off the slopes.

Keep up with Lindsey’s post-surgery rehabilitation (and the antics of her pretty new-adopted dog!), as she preps for the great travels to come still. Get a secondhand dose of vitamin D with all the sun-soaked snapshots from the Tone It Up girls, Katrina, and Karena. Stars of the new BRAVO series Toned Up, the BFFs and rooms post pics of their workouts, healthy meals, and scenes from the show.