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Welcome to my blog. I hope you find my reviews on stationary bicycles helpful and interesting. I aim to cover the features and compare variations of a variety of exercise bikes on the market both old and new, to help you select which is the best stationary bike for you, your needs as well as your budget! Exercise bikes are a great way to keep fit and workout in the comfort of your own home. Forget about hassle having to go directly to the gym or risk the dangers of cycling outdoors on the busy roads in all weathers.

Between 207-345 calories burned for ladies. Between 252-420 calorie consumption burned for men. Actual calories burned depends on the intensity of the workout. Exercise bikes offer you a great workout but with low-impact on your bones compared to other styles of exercise machines such as treadmills. This is because your bodyweight is backed by the stationary bike and there is certainly less push on your bones, ligaments, and backbone. Airdyne / Fan stationary bicycles. Pro / Spinning stationary bicycles.

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Upright exercise bikes are the common type of exercise bike and usually offer several programs and level of resistance levels together with a console screen showing achievements. Compact/folding stationary bicycles are excellent space savers if you don’t have much room for workout equipment in your home. Quite often these Compact exercise bikes fold-up you should definitely in use to save even more space.

Recumbent exercise bikes have an effective seat with a back, and are ideal if you want some back again support while exercising. Airdyne / Fan exercise bikes derive from wind resistance – the harder you pedal, the bigger the resistance becomes. Most Airdyne stationary bicycles have a dual-action system whereby you can work both the top and lower torso together or separately. Pro / Spinning stationary bicycles are for the more experienced cyclists who want the geometry and feel of a road bike. These types of exercise bikes as a rule have a heavy-weighted flywheel that is directly mechanically from the pedals. Many exercise bikes offer several programs and levels of resistance to build yourself up and to keep you motivated.

It is very important to set reasonable goals to lose excess weight and reduce blood pressure. Weight loss of 10% more than a six month period is known as a good and achievable goal and greatly reduces the severe nature of complications of obesity, including arterial hypertension. A calorie deficit of 500-1000 calories from fat each day, with respect to the initial body weight, is to lower you weight without causing vitamin and trace deficiency enough. The amount of fat consumed should be reduced, as is the excessive consumption of sugar and susceptible carbohydrates. Conversely, fibers consumption should be inspired. Drinking alcohol also needs to be significantly reduced as alcohol usage not only increases the number of calories you receive but also improves your blood pressure.

It should be stressed that each gram of body fat gives 9 calories from fat, each gram of carbohydrate and protein 4 calorie consumption, while each gram of alcohol 7 calories. Calorie consumption should not surpass 30% of the daily calorie intake, 10% only from fats, and the remaining 20% from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated body fat. Protein calorie consumption should be about 15-20%, while calorie consumption from carbohydrates 50-55% of the total daily calorie consumption. Finally, the diet should contain enough fibers (at least 30 grams) from fruits & vegetables.

Adopting all the above in your daily diet will help you lower your blood circulation pressure in an enormous rate. Studies confirm that weight loss is associated with lower blood pressure. Many studies show the result of weight reduction on lowering blood pressure. The main is the DASH research.