4 Easy Steps To Make A Beat Selling Website

If you are music maker or beat manufacturer, you know that getting your own website to showcase your instrumentals and beats is vital. Quite often upcoming producers are strapped for cash and on a strict budget. The following will give you instructions on how to make your own beat selling website. Developing a blog is one of the easiest ways to market beats online. There are plenty of free websites available where you can create a blog. Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr are some of the most popular ones.

You could also just Google “Free blog” and you’ll find a lot of resources online. If you aren’t tech savvy and don’t know much about HTML code, try Blogger. If you have a bit more experience with HTML code and are interested in more customization of your website, take up a WordPress blog. If you are interested in being more interpersonal with other bloggers, try Tumblr. Once you’ve chosen your blog platform and set up your online profile.

You will likely want to personalize the appearance and feel of your website. If possible, use a white history or something such as making the information posted on your site pop away (i.e text messages, pictures, videos, beats, etc). There literally thousands of free blog layouts and styles available online, to personalize your site. Google search them and follow their installation instructions. You should appear a with a name for your website. By default you will usually get a domain name from your blog platform that is self-hosted.

Try to create about 3 different names of the domain that you like in the event the domain name you choose is already in use. If you want to help call the customer support line. GoDaddy will typically try to sell you some extra stuff with your website name. Ignore the sales offers and just get your domain.

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You can get by without changing your default website name, but it is strongly recommended that you buy a custom one highly. This will help customers easily recognize your brand. In any full case, ensure that your site ends in dot com. You should attempt to avoid hyphens in your website name also.

Having your own hosting allows you more control and customization of your site, but again if the budget is tight you’ll be fine for the present time. Call the customer support lines if you may need help getting things setup. You need to create a PayPal Account to start collecting money from the beats you plan to sell.

This is simple. One of the better ways to get your beats uploaded to your blog is to have them hosted via a flash store. It really is super easy, convenient AND best of all its absolve to get started! Once you’ve completed that upload your hottest beats or instrumentals for sale.

You will be able to only upload a limited number of instrumentals on the free information. These beats will be managed on the web servers, which is fantastic! When someone purchases a beat they shall be emailed a download link to the beat. This automates the sales process so customers can download beats instantly completely! Next, you shall want to create the embedded code for the display player on your site. Myflashstore will have the inserted code listed under the known users tab in the player’s hyperlink. You shall click on the get code button to access the html code. You are going to finally want to copy this entire code and past it within one of your site pages or posts. Put this code in the html section of your page or post.

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