Mayor Stoney Has Visited Fire Stations

Watch the “Mayor’s Minute – First 100 Days” here. Today, April 10, 2017, marks Mayor Stoney’s 100th day in office after being sworn in and pledging to work every day to construct One Richmond – a city that works for everybody. Mayor Stoney has stopped at fire stations, police precincts and another of city colleges already, in addition to more than 100 open public performances in his first a few months in office. He in addition has joined council members in region walk-throughs or held community conferences in nearly every district. “It’s been a great 100 times,” said Mayor Stoney. “I wish to thank the community for all of its support.

Below is a list of a few of the administration’s accomplishments within the first 100 times. Initiated a 100-Day performance review by the Performance Management Group to find out what works and what needs improvement in City Hall. Took swift action to improve command of several departments. Unanimous adoption by School Board and Council to work toward multi-agency, intergovernmental small to handle needs of the complete child. More than 100 public appearances, including schools, police, and fire stations, community walks and meetings in every district. Police Department is building a public casing device.

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Trained more than 450 residents in use of drive training. Three new fireplace engines were commissioned. Prioritized home streets in addition to primary streets during January snow surprise and plowed 80% of streets within 24 hours. A lot more than 4,500 potholes packed since January. Issued Mayoral Directive reaffirming policies of inclusion. Among them: police will not inquire about immigration position and will not enter into 287(g) agreements with Federal Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Joined Welcoming America and list of Welcoming Cities. Signed Mayor’s Against LGBT Discrimination national pledge. Nearly 700 new jobs taken to Richmond, including fortune 500 company Owens & Minor, Inc. to downtown Richmond, and the enlargement of TemperPack in South Richmond. The Mayor accepted the role as co-chairman of the administrative center Region Collaborative and has met multiple times with market leaders in Hanover, Chesterfield, and Henrico.

Took important steps to remaking our Transit network for connecting city employees to where jobs are located – and also to get residents with their careers faster – without any fare or taxes increase. 500,000 for community wealth building. One-time surplus money focused on finishing emergency communications system, repairing an estimated 1,300 alleys and getting a head start grass cutting. For The 2016 CAFR to be completed by the finish of. City is on schedule to complete the 2017 CAFR promptly. Successful visit to New York relationship rating firms to preserve current rating, which produced an optimistic survey from Fitch Ratings to affirm City is on the right track for AAA rating.

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