Does Green Tea Treat Acne?

Get the knowledge behind all the marketing hype. See which acne treatment products are best for your skin and find out what ingredient combo is in fact much better than a prescription! GREEN TEA EXTRACT may be one of the very most effective natural ingredients to treat acne. Green tea also includes very high amounts of antioxidants shown to have healing and protective properties. For these reasons GREEN TEA EXTRACT is an extremely recommended ingredient for many skin care products and an essential one for acne treatments.

Read more at Suite101: Does Green Tea Treat Acne? Passion Flower Extract (Passiflora Incarnata) has been used for centuries as a product to treat many different health problems, but in skin care it is utilized to soothe your skin. Much evidence shows it has strong anti-inflammatory effects. These properties can be quite effective in offsetting and preventing the redness and irritation often caused by the utilization of acne treatments and acne medication. You will see Aloe Vera in many skin care products from creams, sun care lotions, and even face and body washes. Just what exactly benefits does it have in an acne treatment?

Aloe itself isn’t will not effectively treat acne but it does deserve its put in place quality skin care formulations. Sage Extract, along with Gotu Kola, are probably two of the most essential natural components that one should look for in a natural acne solution. This is highly beneficial when dealing with acne by reducing the inflammation and irritation caused by the acne itself or by topical acne medication.

Sage Extract may promote health skin and stop dryness and it is also a powerful antioxidant that protects pores and skin cells from free-radical damage. Gotu Kola remove originates from a tropic place that grows in souther India and other tropical climates. I has a long history of use for many skin issues and has been used as a natural acne treatment. Studies have shown this is due to several natural compounds found in the herb. Gotu Kola naturally contains TTFCA (Tri-Terpenic Fraction of Centella Asiatica) that has been proven to help the skin heal and promote increased collagen and elastin. Gotu Kola in addition has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and reduce redness caused by conditions such as acne.

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