Net Lease Properties & Triple Net Leased Commercial Real Estate

Sandy, Today is on a grocery-anchored shopping mall Utah – Our World wide web Rent Properties data. A & B Properties Inc. purchased the Historical, Little Cottonwood Center in Sandy, Utah. A & B Properties Inc. is a subsidiary of the Alexander & Baldwin Incorporated. A & B Properties, Inc. is a diversified commercial real estate company, which includes land, planning, management, and entitlement of commercial, residential, and resort developments. They own diversified a commercial real property, Investment Property Portfolio in Hawaii and seven mainland say. This Investment Property Portfolio reflects A & B Properties’ investment strategy of acquiring and handling high-quality retail, net rent properties, office, and commercial properties in key marketplaces.

Properties, Inc. Has possessed two other commercial investment properties in the Salt Lake City area for several years. Little Cottonwood Center is a grocery-anchored shopping mall with strong national and local tenants. This Net Lease Property is located in a highly desirable, growing suburban community of Salt Lake City. The Retail shopping center is approximately 97% occupied and its own tenants include Fresh Market, Starbucks, Discount Texaco, and Tires.

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Also a favorite net rent property with McDonald’s as Tenant is situated here. 6.4 million commercial loans, with a good 5.5% interest. We see a growing demand for multifamily apartment buildings and net lease properties to be acquired for a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. A 1031 taxes deferred exchange (1031 Exchange) is an excellent tool open to owners of commercial real estate investments. Retail Shopping Centers and Triple Net Lease Properties are an ideal debt replacing Vehicle for Investors using a 1031 taxes-deferred exchange.

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