The Santee Alley

Brand name bargain hunting is a favorite of Santee Alley consumers. Recently we’ve seen a growing number of urban street-style suppliers pop up in the style District. It’s no key the Fashion District, has some of the best offers on women’s styles, but kids rejoice! We have shopping options for you too.

For the young demographic seeking to shop brand name tops, snapbacks, and outerwear we suggest stopping by Hip Hop Sports. Hip Hop Sports, has been at the forefront of young men’s urban fashion developments for over 15 years. The family owned business bears brands and styles similar to those bought at mall favorites like Zumiez, PacSun, and Tilly’s. At Hip Hop Sports, you’ll find brands like OBEY, Diamond, Primitive, and DGK, at discount prices.

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Unlike other discount retailers who offer better pricing on earlier season items, Hip Hop Sports carries only current season styles. They have new inventory on a weekly basis! HIPHOP Sports is open seven days a week, friday and will be open up on Dark, November 23, 2012. They sell both retail and wholesale. Visit them at 1125-3 Maple Ave. LA, CA 90015. Purchase or product inquiries?

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