Today Where Is The Space Race?

Fifty years back the united states and Soviet Union competed in space. Today Russia will take American astronauts to the International Space Station. Is there any competition in space in the 21st hundred years? After the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia tried to keep its space efforts, but on a reduced scale. President Reagan’s dream of a space-train station was to be transformed into the International Space Station, largely constructed with the utilization of Americas Space Shuttle. But the Space Shuttles were supposed to be good for 100 launches each, per month and there were said to be two launches. Neither happened. In fact, the Shuttles rolled into a pension after only 136 total launches, & most years saw only four launches.

So today the USA has no usage of the space place it was generally accountable for building except to ride aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Even products are mostly used on Russian Progress unmanned vehicles, although American firms such as SpaceX hope to get much of that business in the near future. Meanwhile, other countries are moving into space.

China, Japan, India, Israel, and europe have all effectively launched satellites using their own rockets. China has launched their own astronauts as well and have tested a space station of their own design in orbit. China, India, and the Europeans have positioned satellites in orbit across the Moon, and Japan has sent to an asteroid. China has made public programs for manned landings on the Moon, probably followed by construction of a permanent base there. Probably the most hopeful thought is that American space efforts have fluctuated from don’t emergency crash efforts always and may continue steadily to do so. So in the expressed words of a vintage sci fi movie, “keep viewing the skies”, since there is no assurance exactly what will happen next.

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