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During my recent Tokyo trip, I originally decided to bring more makeup than I would usually bring. However, morning in Tokyo when I was about to get my make-up that first, A boo-boo was found out by me. The makeup pouch which contained my eyeshadow primer, concealer, lip, and cheek tint, cream blush, contour, and highlight powder and my hair serum were all the way in my own bedside table in the past Manila.

LOL. I used to be left with just the basics. Well, at least better than nothing, eh? Anyway, so that’s my packaging boo-boo. Thankfully, being in one of Asia’s beauty hubs, I could make emergency buys while increasing what I have also. When I got home in Manila, I also discovered a few amazing beauty must-haves I can ingest my next travel so I still look like a person in my travel photos. I used to be also thankful temperate weather allows my hair to cooperate which makes it look like I’ve a hairstylist beside me on a regular basis.

I was amazed and amused as our hotel in Japan was aware that we now have female guests who are extremely particular with their skincare. Beauty travel products containing eye cream, serum, cleansing oil, day cream, night-time cream, and other beauty paraphernalia are being sold at the front desk for 500 yen.

  • Hair: Charlene Hair
  • Supporting your efforts through product start and support thereafter
  • Poor microcirculation
  • A mildew
  • 2 Kisses: Bad and probably pretty bad

However, if you’re like me who already has her own personal stock of beauty products with her, read on for my essential beauty travel must-haves. Brow pens – I had been so relieved I didn’t ignore my brow products. Actually, I put two beside me! There are one in my own bag and another in my check-in suitcases.

Brows have got so much attention now, whereas during the 90s, us tips would pluck them to death. My two-brow products at hand are Happy Skin Perfect Brows Long Lasting Liquid Pen (PHP 399) and Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen. I had developed my brows skillfully microbladed. I super love that both brow products are long waterproof and long lasting.

I actually bought that Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen after reading the post of the girl who gave delivery in EDSA. If her brows can endure a child shower, labor, traffic, and childbirth, day they can last you the entire. 2-in-1 powder foundations – I didn’t have concealer beside me but I had been relieved that my Maybelline White Superfresh Two-Way Cake gave my skin a straight finish while covering imperfections.

It’s also got UV security because I forgot my face sunblock too at home. I normally use the small refill packages which cost a lower amount than Php 200 to bring beside me to travel because they save so much space and may even fit into your skinny jeans pocket. Fierce wing on Christmas? ? K-Palette Real Lasting Strong Eyeliner doesn’t smudge, budge, or flake away.

Eyeliner- This is my crisis purchase. I needed my eyeliner to make the eyes pop without my primer because, my eyeshadow palettes were nonsense practically. Alcohol-free toner – My skin would be drier so I needed toner that’s gentle to the facial skin. Even whether it’s a temperate country, toner helps prep the skin for make-up and look after it after an extended day by cleansing and soothing the skin as well as balancing the pH level.