Speaking Of The US Market

It was three years ago which i last updated this blog. Time really flies and it was really fast. I hope you have been doing great with your own investment and personal finances. A small amount of an upgrade about myself now Just. As some of you might have known already, I longer hold anybody one shares on the SGX no.

I am still on my regular cost savings plan through POSB Invest Saver though. I grab STI ETF only in the plan. I think STI ETF is hands down the few shares on SGX that is worthy of holding in the long term. Most however, not all the other SGX stocks and shares are in a doldrum still, in which they there are neither here nor.

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  • Ibid, Andrew G. Biggs, “The Market Value of Public-Sector Pension Deficits,april 2010 “, p. 2
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That explains why our STI has been sideways. I am still keeping about half of my profit some high yield savings accounts like DBS Multiplier, OCBC360, UOB One and Citibank Maxigain. From your perspective of the US market, we already are in the longest bull run of the stock market history. So it is wise and prudent to keep some dry cash on the sidelines. 100% or being fully committed to the stocks market is definitely wii preposition to be right now.

Speaking of the united states market, I am holding a couple of shares with Interactive Brokers presently. I really love this foreign broker because of its low priced and ease of funding and withdrawal. If you want to learn which stocks I am holding right now, do come and speak to us on the chat box. Till another update.

You can run, nevertheless, you cannot conceal: If inflation is high and volatile in your neighborhood currency, it is easy to see why you might prefer working with a different, more stable money. It is the reason why so much valuation and investment analysis in Latin America was done in US dollars.

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