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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Palmer’s. I want to give thanks to Palmer’s for sending the products for review. All views are 100% my very own. I was recently approached by Palmers to examine a few products from their Cocoa Butter Eventone Suncare collection. Here’s some information about these products. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, the manufacturers of America’s favorite Cocoa Butter products, introduces a range of suncare products that effectively protect skin, keeping it free from discoloration and spots associated with UV exposure. The products offer superior moisturization without white residue, making them ideal for all skin tones.

As the Cocoa Butter experts, it was only natural that Palmer’s funnel all the incredible skin care advantages of this super ingredient into our new suncare range. Palmer’s uses prime-pressed, unrefined Cocoa Butter, which consists of a high unwanted fat content that mimics the natural defensive layer of the skin. It gets the same melting point as body’s temperature even, rendering it an important pores and skin moisturizer and protectant. Cocoa Butter is abundant with antioxidants also; most Cocoa Mass Polyphenols notably, that assist combat free radical damage-the main culprit of premature aging.

Along with Cocoa Butter, these products contain the natural moisturizers Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to give skin a natural glow. All of the products have excellent absorption characteristics, getting rid of the white, pasty residue left by traditional sunscreens. One of the key differences about Palmer’s Eventone Suncare products is that they are all formulated with Cocoaplex Technology, a proprietary formulation technique that optimizes the skin-friendly properties of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter while improving the sunscreen emulsification.

  • Glycerin – 1 tbsp
  • Mitochondrial energy needed for cell health is minimum in the morning and late evening
  • Market segments and sub-segments
  • Reduced inflation to alleviate pain and muscle cramps
  • Natural Deodorants
  • Epsom sodium (fine-grained)
  • Can also work for rosacea vulnerable skin
  • 1/2 gm Clear

I can’t wait to try the products! Skincare is vital if you ask me with protecting my skin harmful rays from the sun especially. I like how these products are Paraben free also! Through the description I think these are going to be good products to use in maintaining healthy skin, and I like how Palmer’s cater to all skin tones. As with the majority of my first impressions articles, I will be critiquing each one of these items in upcoming content!

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I’ve had a blast learning about a 1950s skin care regimen, but I don’t believe it suits my skin, so I won’t be continuing with it. Around the plus side, I recognized that Pond’s Cold Cream is a luxe yet light moisturizer, so I might continue using this before I apply makeup.