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I have had hundreds of startups reach out to me at Red Rocket looking for fund bringing up assistance. Most with starving, passionate entrepreneurs seeking to build a great company in their space. But, it is normally the technology startups that get through the filtration system of what I believe is “fundable” by professional business capitalists, predicated on my interactions with those investors. Which leaves many of the startups in other categories (e.g., CPG, retail, restaurants, real property, manufacturing) struggling to secure startup capital.

Today’s lesson will address why that is the case. Technology startups typically have normal business/execution risks that VC’s are prepared to take, especially after they have flushed out the concept seeing a material proof of the idea already acheived before trading their capital. But, think about other startups. Restaurants and retailers have the excess risk of real property locations (e.g., what happens if the road you can be found on moves under building).

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They also have the additional inventory obsolete risk (e.g., what goes on if you pick the wrong products to sell). So, rather than taking on multiple types of risk (e.g., execution, real estate, inventory), the VC will typically take the other dangers from the table, and concentrate on technology startups where the risks are much reduced.

The cost of building a technology startup has … Read the rest

SOCIAL NETWORKING, Entertainment & Other Rants…: 12/01/2019

Imagine this Indian authorities will not provide any Social Security to its resident or any Medicare because of its citizen, but nonetheless everyone manages to look after their family whenever there’s a crisis. Indian government is not filled with smart people in truth you will get uneducated and the dumbest person seated in the highest level of offices. Then how does person Indians make it to the top achieving the highest level of knowledge? It’s the family which helps create the intelligent Indians; each and every family try to somehow get their sons and daughters educated so that they will receive a little more education than their parents.

They sacrifice too much to give an education with their children; I’ve personally come across so many family members where they neglect a meal in order that they can offer an education to their children. I fulfilled a father at a hospital where he had just donated one of his kidneys to help raise money for his family. How many parents are ready to do that sacrifice to uplift their families?

Sacrifices such as this has made Indians achieve the highest degree of knowledge. With 1 billion populations you can imagine why India can produce high-quality people, because there is a constant competition for simple things even, like engaging in a primary school. Today the dumb people in the politics set up an enormous show and state that they may be making India shine and the media also does not understand what … Read the rest